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Plant Protection Products Book 2018

Plant Protection Products 2018                                      
Full Book (pdf 1,845Kb)  
 Introduction (pdf 48Kb) 
 Product List 2018                                                               
 Chapter 1 (pdf 378Kb) 
 Product Name Changes since 2017                                   
 Chapter 2 (pdf 17Kb) 
 Product registrations expired or revoked in 2017            
 Chapter 3 (pdf 52Kb) 
 Products for which use-up period will expire in 2018      
 Chapter 4 (pdf 56Kb) 
 Marketing Companies                                                       
 Chapter 5 (pdf 111Kb) 
 Product index by Active Substance                                    
 Chapter 6 (pdf 112Kb) 
 Off-label approvals - Food Crops                                       
 Chapter 7 (pdf 670Kb) 
 Off-label approvals - Non-Food Crop                                 
 Chapter 8 (pdf 512Kb) 
 List of adjuvants                                                                  
 Chapter 9 (pdf 39Kb)