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Biocidal Product Registers

The Product Registers for biocidal products contain details of Notified and Authorised biocidal products for sale and use on the market in Ireland. Existing stocks of biocidal products for which the notification or authorisation has recently expired, been withdrawn or been revoked may in some instances continue to be sold-out or used-up as part of the phase-out of existing stocks of the product.

Biocidal Product Register - Notified Products

Biocidal Product Register - Authorised Products

Information on the approval status of active substances and active substance suppliers (Article 95) in the European Union can be obtained through the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) lists.

List of Approved and Non-approved Active Substances

List of active substance suppliers (Article 95)

Details of the training and registration requirements for Pest Management Trained Professional Users can be viewed here.

Requirements for registration as a Pest Management Trained Professional User