Professional Users / Sprayer Operators

A professional user is any person who applies/sprays professional use Plant Protection Products, regardless of the quantity or the method of application. This includes operators, technicians, employees and self-employed people, both in the farming and other sectors.

Since the 26th November 2015, only a DAFM-registered professional user can apply Plant Protection Products that are authorised for professional use. 

Since the 26th November 2016, it has been a requirement for sprayers to have passed a Pesticide Application Equipment Test before being used to apply professional use Plant Protection Products. 

A list of DAFM-registered Inspectors of Pesticide Application Equipment and the types of sprayers that must be tested is available here.


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Pesticide Application Equipment

Plant Protection Products Registers

Integrated Pest Management

Water Protection

Good Plant Protection Practice (GPPP) (pdf 94Kb)                 

Record Keeping

Pesticide Storage requirements for Professional Users (pdf 232Kb)                 

Guidance for the Office of Public Works (OPW) workers who use plant protection products (pdf 6,398Kb)           

Information Note on Use of Weed-Wipers, Weed-Lickers (pdf 144Kb)                 

All-Ireland Pollinator Plan for Farmers