Import Tolerances

An import tolerance is a Maximum Residue Level (MRL) that is set based on uses registered in foreign countries (e.g. USA or Australia) in order to allow the import of treated commodities from abroad and facilitate international trade.

Import tolerances can be requested if a trader wishes to import a commodity from outside the EU, provided specific criteria are met:

  • Containing residues of a substance used in the EU but where the commodity is not produced in the EU (e.g. papayas).
  • Treated with a substance no longer or not yet used in the EU.
  • Treated with a substance in use in the EU but where the GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) registered in the exporting country is likely to result in a higher residue than the EU GAP’s.

Import tolerance MRLs are required to comply with the same high safety standards as EU MRLs.