Pesticide Distributor (Professional Use Products) Initial Training

To be eligible to register as a Pesticide Distributor (Professional Use Products),you must first successfully complete the QQI Level 5 Handling and Distribution of Pesticides (Code 5N2466) or equivalent.

List of Training Providers for Pesticide Distributors Courses - December 2022 (pdf 144Kb)         


Continuous Professional Education (CPE)

In order to maintain DAFM registration, approved Pesticide Distributors (Professional Use Products) and Pest Management Trained Professional Users (PMUs) will be required to maintain Continuous Professional Education (CPE). All DAFM-registered PDs/PMUs must provide evidence of compliance with the required CPE on an annual basis. Irish Agricultural Supply Industry Standards (IASIS) have developed a CPE scheme for Pesticide Distributors which is recognised for this purpose by DAFM.  IASIS, BASIS Prompt and BPCA have developed CPE Schemes for PMUs which is recognised for this purpose by DAFM. DAFM will determine if alternative CPE schemes meet requirements on a case-by-case basis.

Currently CPE for Pesticide Distributors is being delivered online by IASIS and workshop and online formats, by Team LM and HCT Learning.

For PMU CPE courses, please contact your pest association as well as IASIS, BASIS Prompt and BPCA. Courses are delivered by IASIS, Pest NI and the trade associations.

Note:  If you are registered as both a Pesticide Distributor (PD) and a Pesticide Advisor (PA), you should make yourself aware of the slightly different CPE requirements that will apply to you.

SOP for CPE-lapsed PDs April 2020 (doc 31Kb)                 


Pesticide Distributor (Amateur/Home garden products ONLY)

To be eligible to register as a Pesticide Distributor (Amateur/Home garden products ONLY), you must first successfully complete the online course for Pesticide Distributors of non-professional/amateur products. This course is being facilitated by IASIS and can be accessed at