Pesticide Distributors

A Pesticide Distributor is any natural or legal person who makes a pesticide available on the market, including wholesalers, retailers, vendors and suppliers.

All distributors must be appropriately trained and registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine by 26th November 2015. From this date, a registered distributor must be available at all times at the point of sale to ensure that adequate information is provided to customers as regards pesticide use and health and environmental risk and safety.

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To Register Your Premises: 

Application Form for Registration of a Premises as a Pesticide Distribution Store (xls 20Kb)             


List of Pesticide Distribution Stores – 2024 (pdf 670Kb)      

Distribution Stores and Sales / Display Areas

Plant Protection Products Registers

Records required from Wholesalers and Retailers of Pesticides (pdf 99Kb) 

Guidance for Pesticide Distributors (pdf 287Kb)       

Water Protection