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Pesticides 2011 book

Plant Protection Products Book 2011
Full Book (pdf 1,514Kb) 
Introduction (pdf 402Kb) 
List of Plant Production Products
Chapter 1 (pdf 238Kb) 
Name Changes
Chapter 2 (pdf 30Kb) 
Products gone from 2010 book
Chapter 3 (pdf 34Kb) 
Products with a use by date 2010
Chapter 4 (pdf 24Kb) 
Prohibited Active Substances
Chapter 5 (pdf 30Kb) 
Annex Inclusions
Chapter 6 (pdf 47Kb) 
Annex Refusals
Chapter 7 (pdf 61Kb) 
Marketing Companies
Chapter 8 (pdf 65Kb) 
Index by Product Substances
Chapter 9 (pdf 336Kb) 
Off label approvals
Chapter 10 (pdf 320Kb) 
List of Adjuvants
Chapter 11 (pdf 32Kb)