The Pesticide Control Laboratory

Pesticide residues in food are monitored at Member State level across the EU.  In Ireland, the Pesticide Control Laboratory (PCL) is the national monitoring laboratory for the analysis of pesticide residues in food and animal feed and for the analysis of formulated products.  PCL is also the designated National Reference Laboratory for the analysis of pesticide residues. 

The laboratory implements the monitoring program for pesticide residues in food, in compliance with EU legislation.  The Pesticide Control Laboratory consists of two laboratories with different functions:

The Pesticide Residue Laboratory 

The Pesticide Formulations Laboratory

The Pesticide Control Laboratory is a fully accredited laboratory, which means that the EU Commission and our customers can have complete confidence in our laboratory’s ability to analyse samples for pesticide residues.  For further information on laboratory accreditation see below:

Laboratory Accreditation