Unapproved Uses

In cases where residues of pesticides are found which have not been approved for use on domestic produce, the premises and records of the growers concerned are inspected.  Produce from those growers is targeted for sampling during the following year to ensure the offence is not repeated and the incident is cross-reported to other relevant Divisions within DAFM. 

There are various different reasons why residues may occur, including:

  • Authorised pesticides were used in non-authorised commodities (illegal use).
  • The crop has been grown from an imported seed which was treated legally in another country.
  • The food was grown overseas but the country of origin on the packaging is that of the brand owner or where it was packed.
  • If the residues are very low, this may have been caused by accident e.g. through pesticide spray drift, irrigation water or equipment not been correctly cleaned between uses.