Industry Symposium on Rodenticide Regulation & Training

PRCD hosted an Industry Symposium on Rodenticide Regulation and Training in Backweston Laboratory Campus in December 2017. Copies of the updated presentations made at the symposium are available below.

Active Substance Review Programme Update - DAFM (pdf 788Kb) 

Changes to the use of Rodenticides - DAFM (pdf 1,076Kb) 

Permanent Baiting - M.Loughlin (pdf 2,537Kb) 

Pulse Baiting - B.Ryan (pdf 600Kb) 

CRRU Overview - M.Lynch (pdf 1,789Kb) 

Pest Management Training - B.Hannon (pdf 611Kb) 

Training of Other Professional Users - DAFM (pdf 667Kb) 


FAQ - Pest Management Trained Professional Users - February 2018