Application to change a Notified Biocidal Product

Changes can be made to Biocidal Products, as per the table below. All changes must be sent to and outline whether the application relates to an Update or a Trivial Amendment

Update – No Fees

Trivial Amendment – Fee of €300

Label update (change of classification, picture/colour scheme etc.)

Any change linked to the product/packaging not detailed under ‘Update’

SDS update (classification)

Distribution Company

Account Holder



  • Where an update is required to a label or SDS, an email with the updated documents can be submitted
  • To update a distribution company, please complete the form below

Change to Distribution Company form

CCS Customer Registration Form


Trivial Amendment

Applications for changes to a notification (trivial amendment) must be submitted electronically to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine via the email:

Applicants must submit:

Applicants may also need to submit additional updated or new documents where the changes made to the notified product have an impact on the data held on the product record. In this case the applicant must also submit:

  • For the biocidal product(s),
  • For the active substance(s) contained in the product; and
  • For any co-formulants that contribute to the classification of the substance.

Where the applicant is updating company and/or contact details the applicant must submit:



Notification holders of biocidal products notified on the Irish market for sale and use are reminded that following EU approval of the active substance(s)/product-type combination, the notified biocidal product(s) containing the active substance in the given product-type must then be authorised in accordance with the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).