Disinfectants and Sanitisers

The Pesticide Control Division (PCD) of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) is the competent authority for biocidal products in Ireland. Human hygiene biocidal products (PT 1) such as hand sanitisers and other disinfectants for general use (PT 2) and for food and feed area use (PT 4) MUST be registered with DAFM prior to making available on the market in Ireland. Only biocidal products listed on the DAFM biocide registers are legal to market and use in Ireland. Please see link to our registers: Biocidal Product Registers 


Rapid Alert System for Dangerous Non-Food Products

Every day the European Commission receives alerts from national authorities concerning dangerous products found on their markets. These alerts are sent through the rapid alert system for dangerous non-food products - "Safety Gate". They include information about the type of products found, the risks posed and the measures taken at national level to prevent or restrict their marketing. Information on dangerous hand sanitisers and other disinfectants which have been identified on the EU market are published on the EU Commission Safety Gate website.

Weekly reports of the alerts are available at the link below. Various search criteria are availabvle and information on hand sanitisers and disinfectants can found by filtering for "Chemical Products" in the product category dropdown.

Rapid Alert System for Dangerous Non-Food Products