Finding a Hand Sanitiser on our Registers

Further details on hand sanitiser products can be found by searching for PT 1 human hygiene products in the notified product register and authorised product register below.

Please make sure that all sanitisers and disinfectants carry a PCS 9xxxx, PCS 1xxxxx, IE/BPA 7xxxx or an EU-000xxx-xx registration number on the label. Each product registered by DAFM will carry a unique registration number on the label specific to that particular product. If the product label does not contain any of these number formats you should not purchase or use the product.

The majority of hand sanitiser products registered in Ireland are detailed on the Notified Products register. To search the Notified Products register, you must first complete the captcha to begin using the database. You can search by ‘PCS Number’ or ’Product Name’. Selecting PT 1 from the ‘Product Type’ search bar will limit the search to hand sanitisers only. If a product is legal for sale and use in Ireland then the Product Status will be ‘Notified’ or ‘National Derogation’. If a product is listed as revoked then a specific use by date will be available and the product is only legal for use in Ireland until that date.

Where a product cannot be found on the Notified Product Register, you should check the second register – Authorised Products. Within the Authorised Products page there are 2 relevant links. The ‘Authorised Biocidal Product Register - Nov 2020’ is available as a pdf and excel document. Products listed on these registers are legal for sale and use in Ireland.

Once a product is identified on any register there is no need to continue searching on the other registers. Products identified as revoked will have specific use by dates. Products not listed on the above registers are not legal for sale and use in Ireland.

The Biocidal Product Registers are available at the following links: