The BeeGreen Initiative

In Ireland many of our wild bees and some of our butterflies are threatened with extinction due to issues with fragmentation of their habitats and nesting sites, a reduction in food sources (i.e. wild flowers), and poor land management practices.

At the DAFM Backweston campus the BeeGreen initiative is attempting to address some of these issues by reducing mowing and other land management practices where possible and thereby allowing grass and wildflower growth in certain locations throughout the campus. These minor changes have had very obvious immediate affects with a very noticeable increase in wildflower species throughout the campus and in turn an increase in the variety of visiting insect species, birds and mammals.

It’s not just about the plants and insects. The positive association between nature and improved mental health is well established and the BeeGreen initiative provides the opportunity to interact with this greenspace and thereby increase health and wellbeing.