Initial Training

Anybody wishing to register as a Pesticide Advisor must hold the Professional Diploma in Integrated Pest Management & Sustainable Use of Pesticides or equivalent. The Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine (DAFM) will determine if alternative qualifications meet requirements on a case by case basis.

For those who wish to provide pesticide advice to grassland farmers only, completion of the Teagasc-led Grassland Pesticide Training course  will allow them to register as a Pesticide Advisor (Grassland) – PA(G) with DAFM.

Continuous Professional Education (CPE)

In order to maintain DAFM registration, approved Pesticide Advisors will be required to maintain Continuous Professional Education (CPE). All DAFM-registered PAs must provide evidence of compliance with the required CPE on an annual basis. Irish Agricultural Supply Industry Standards (IASIS) have developed a CPE scheme for Pesticide Advisors which is recognised for this purpose by DAFM.  DAFM will determine if alternative CPE schemes meet requirements on a case by case basis.

Note:  If you are registered as both a Pesticide Advisor (PA) and a Pesticide Distributor (PD), you should make yourself aware of the slightly different CPE requirements that will apply to you.