Amateur Users / Home and Garden

Plant Protection Products (e.g. weed killers, fungicides, insecticides, slug pellets) used by amateur/ home and garden users, to protect plants from pests and diseases or to control unwanted weeds must be authorised before they can be marketed or used in Ireland.

Before you buy or use any Plant Protection Product, you should first consider if it is really necessary and you should investigate whether there is an alternative to chemical use available.

As an amateur/home and garden user, you are not required to have any formal training and you are not required to register with the DAFM. However, you can only use products that are authorised and approved for Amateur use (see link below).

Users are are obliged, at all times, to take appropriate measures to protect water. Users must always read and carefully follow the product label. Information for the amateur/ home and garden user on the protection of water from the risks of contamination associated with pesticide use can be accessed by clicking on the “Water Protection” link below.

Water Protection

All-Ireland Pollinator Plan for Gardeners

Plant Protection Products Register

Plant Protection Products List approved for Amateur Use