Plant Protection Products 2021


Plant Protection Products 2021Full Book (pdf 2,272Kb)       
Introduction  Introduction (pdf 48Kb)      
List of Plant Protection Products  Chapter 1 (pdf 392Kb)      
Product Name Changes Since 2020  Chapter 2 (pdf 19Kb)      
Product Registrations expired or revoked in 2020 Chapter 3 (pdf 36Kb)     
Products for which use-up will expire in 2021 Chapter 4 (pdf 35Kb)     
Marketing Companies Chapter 5 (pdf 117Kb)    
Product Index by Active Substance Chapter 6 (pdf 113Kb)    
Off-label Approvals - Food Crops Chapter 7 (pdf 1,053Kb)     
Off-label Approvals - Non Food Crops Chapter 8 (pdf 466Kb)    
List of Adjuvants Chapter 9 (pdf 39Kb)