Plant Protection Products Book 2013

Plant Protection Products Book 2013
Full Book (pdf 1,565Kb) 
Chapter 00 (pdf 84Kb) 
List of Plant Production Products
Chapter 01 (pdf 352Kb) 
Name Changes
Chapter 02 (pdf 17Kb) 
Products gone from 2012 book
Chapter 03 (pdf 27Kb) 
Products with a use by date 2012
Chapter 04 (pdf 36Kb) 
Prohibited Active Substances
Chapter 05 (pdf 18Kb) 
Annex Inclusions
Chapter 06 (pdf 57Kb) 
Annex Refusals
Chapter 07 (pdf 68Kb) 
Marketing Companies
Chapter 08 (pdf 90Kb) 
Index by Product Substances
Chapter 09 (pdf 105Kb) 
Off label approvals - Food Crops
Chapter 10 (pdf 441Kb) 
Off label approvals - Non Food Crops
Chapter 11 (pdf 356Kb) 
List of Adjuvants
Chapter 12 (pdf 35Kb)