Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use in Ireland

The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) in Ireland was established to promote the best practice and responsible use of chemical rodent controls whilst protecting and ensuring that exposure of birds of prey, other top predators and pets are minimised. The CRRU Ireland Task Force is made up of government departments and agencies, non-governmental organisations and product manufacturers working together to encourage and promote CRRU.

CRRU in cooperation with IASIS (Irish Agricultural Supply Industry Standards) have established the new “Wildlife Aware” training course, and associated accreditation scheme, for professional pest control technicians and other competent users of rodenticides.

Pest control professionals who are Wildlife Aware Accredited are listed on the IASIS website.

Register online to participate in one of the Wildlife Aware courses around the country.

Pest control technicians working towards Wildlife Aware Accreditation undertake a specially-designed training course so that they provide efficient rodent control while minimising unwanted impacts on non-target species and the environment. The emphasis is on an Integrated Pest Management approach to rodent pest control with implementation of the CRRU Code and local-area environmental assessments.

Further information on upcoming courses and details about the course modules can be found on the CRRU Ireland website.

The seven point CRRU Code was also established to provide a short-hand for responsible rodenticide application that considers wildlife and pets.  

You or your organisation can also lend your support and become a CRRU Ireland supporter to help promote the protection of wildlife and pets, and the responsible, safe and sustainable use of rodenticides in Ireland.