Registration as a Trainee PMU (New Entrants)

All trained professional users are required to register as a Pest Management Trained Professional User (PMU) to allow them purchase and use rodenticide products under the new rules.

To allow new entrants work with indirect supervision to whilst awaiting completion of formal training to receive a PMU Number, there will be a 9 month grace period,the full set of rules are in the document ‘New Entrants – Rules for Trainee PMUs’.

New entrants need to apply to DAFM for a conditional PMU Number and must submit the following documents;

  •  Training plan
  • Proof of registration for an Ofqual Level 3 (or equivalent) qualification in pest management.

The trainee must submit the certificate from a Level 3 Ofqual qualification in pest management within 9 months of commencing employment, extensions can be made where a course is not available within the 9 month period. Failure to submit the documentation will result in revocation of conditional PMU Number and the trainee can no longer legally use rodenticide for professional or trained professional use.

All companies must keep training records for new entrants to receive a conditional PMU number; these records can be audited by DAFM. The template below contains the minimum information required for training records and can be used as a reference document for updating your own internal records. One training record is required per application type.

New Entrants - Rules for Trainee PMUs (pdf 354Kb) 

Training Record Template for Trainee PMUs (doc 61Kb)