Professional Use Rodenticide Products

Regulatory environmental risk assessments have concluded that the use of Anti-vitamin K (AVK) products outdoors present a higher level of risk to non-target animals (such as birds of prey and companion animals) than would normally be considered acceptable. However, due to the risk to people and facilities identified above, it is recognised that, despite carrying these risks, outdoor use of AVK products is sometimes necessary as part of properly managed rodent control strategy based on Integrated Pest Management.

Outdoor use around buildings only has been restricted to professional and trained professional users. In order to be able to authorise these rodenticides for use outdoors around buildings, assurance is required that the risks arising from such use will be properly managed. Farmers have been provided with relevant information and training in relation to best practices when using rodenticide products and are classified as Professional Users from the 1st January 2018.

DAFM requires Professional Users such as farmers using professional AVK products for the control of rodent infestations in the course of their work in and around buildings to provide proof of their professional activity at the point of sale. This proof will be a DAFM number for farmers e.g. herd number, flock number, HFR/HPR number. This is required to ensure these products are being used in a safe and sustainable way that will prevent secondary poisoning of non-target organisms and development of resistance.