Product Revocation and Phase-Out Periods

Product revocation

Authorised and notified biocidal products may be subject to cancellation or revocation.  Products can also be cancelled from the market at the request of the notification or authorisation holder.   Revocation of a product may occur for a number of reasons, such as non-payment of annual registration fees, expiry of an authorisation or where an application for authorisation for an existing notified product has not been made on the date of approval of the substances contained in the product.

Product phase-out

Products that have been cancelled or revoked must be taken off the market. On the date of revocation no “new” stocks of the revoked product can be made available on the market for sale or use. Existing stocks of the revoked product are subject to a phase-out period. The phase-out period consists of a sell-out period of 180-days and an additional use-up period of 180-days. As such within:

  • 180-days of the revocation date all existing stock of the revoked product must be sold out at distribution, wholesale and retail level, and
  • 180-days from the sell-out date all existing stocks of the product must be used up or disposed.

In addition, where information about adverse effects of the active substance or biocidal product is notified to the Competent Authority indicating a serious immediate or long-term risk to the health of humans, animals or the environment, appropriate measures may be issued such as product recall and immediate market withdrawal.